In today’s infinitely uncertain world, two things are certain: Conor McGregor is the biggest draw in the UFC, quite possibly in the entire history of the UFC, and anything he says is inevitably going to manifest itself into major news.

In this tight-knit MMA community of ours, word-of-mouth ‘gossip’ tends to travel quickly, especially when the subject of said gossip (McGregor) has millions of social media fans and the virtual following of a nearly worldwide cult. So when “Notorious” went on his Twitter rant attacking multiple UFC fighters these past few days, namely Nate Diaz and his ‘garbage’ ground game at UFC 196, much of the MMA community took notice and fired back with some fightin’ words of their own.

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An emerging ‘leader’ of this group, for now, appears to be former flyweight title challenger Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall. The eccentric wrestler tossed his hat into the ring when he let his thoughts on the whole McGregor debacle be known when he appeared as a guest on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Neutral Corner” with Yves Edwards.

When it comes to McGregor’s drawing power, McCall admittedly recognizes greatness when he sees it. However, when it comes to his “well-rounded” fighting skills, “Uncle Creepy” thinks that McGregor still leaves much to be desired when the action hits the mat.

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“”””Conor McGregor is MMA’s biggest star, bigger than Ronda Rousey, bigger than even Chuck Liddell in his heydayI think that he’s really good. He’s better than really good [at striking], but his jiu-jitsu is dog shit.”

After telling us how he really felt, he then dug a bit deeper, both into “Notorious'” fight with Nate Diaz and also again into his allegedly questionable ground game.

“I know Nate Diaz is a savage, but Conor didn’t do anything against Chad [Mendes] either. He got molested by Nate. Maybe his jiu-jitsu is really good. But for him to be a brown belt, that’s a slap in the face to someone like me who’s been a purple belt for 10 years.”

As you can probably tell, the unbounded legion of anti-McGregor activists are steadily growing and his erratic social media outbursts aren’t doing much in the way of slowing them down, let alone stopping them. If McGregor wants to turn the public sentimental tide back in his favor, a good start would be by putting down the phone and getting back into the gym, because Nate Diaz isn’t getting any smaller.

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Stay tuned, because the Conor McGregor show has taken its place atop the 24-hour news cycle. And one more thing’s for certain, he’ll be back soon.