Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva went to war in the main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 33 from Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia. The battle of heavyweight sluggers featured one of the largest cumulative displays of raw power to ever take place in the Octagon.

Hunt came in looking to put on a show for his Australian brethren in Queensland while the number four-ranked “Bigfoot” looked to solidify his lofty standing at heavyweight.

The fight kicked off with a feeling-out process. Silva threw a front kick as the crowd began to cheer Hunt’s name. “The Super Samoan” rushed forward with his trademark hooks and missed. “Bigfoot” threw a good kick-punch combo in response. Hunt continued to stalk him down and landed a couple shots. An exchange ensued and Hunt was floored by a huge punch.

It looked like Hunt was in trouble but he recovered. “Bigfoot” threw another good kick followed by some punches. Hunt got aggressive and reversed Silva in the clinch, pushing him up against the fence. Silva seemed to have edged out the opening round.

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The second round saw Hunt continue to control the Octagon despite not putting forth a ton of volume. Hunt looked for his hook but was stymied by a big low kick from “Bigfoot.” Hunt appeared to slow down and “Bigfoot” rushed in but was unsuccessful. Hunt landed a good right hand that hurt Silva.

Hunt landed a good kick to the body but Silva threw an absolutely vicious low kick that wobbled Hunt. “The Super Samoan” was hurt as the second round came to its end.

Hunt fought back when the third round began, scoring a big takedown. Silva clinched Hunt up against the cage but was reversed again. The two fighters engaged in a flurry that ended in another clinch on the cage wall. Hunt landed a huge right then floored Silva. He jumped into Silva’s guard to throw some smothering elbows and punches. Silva was opened up and eating shots. Hunt dominated the third round with his ground and pound.

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Silva came out kicking in the fourth frame but Hunt pushed forward with his boxing. Another clinch followed and “Bigfoot” looked gassed. But the Brazilian fought back with some huge punches that Hunt ate to look for a takedown. He got it to land more ground and pound. “Bigfoot” went for an armbar but was far from finishing it. They traded big punches and Silva began to unload. Hunt fought back with left hands but ended up on the ground absorbing big damage. Hunt scrambled but was mounted. Incredibly “The Super Samoan” survived in a bloody mess to fight onto the fifth.

It was already a classic when the final frame began. The two fighters hugged and Hunt landed big. Seemingly back from the dead, Hunt threw a big elbow as the exhausted monsters threw more shots. Hunt avoided a weak takedown attempt to batter “Bigfoot.” Silva was in trouble and the doctors took a look at a big cut on his forehead. The fight resumed and Silva landed a good combo. He landed a flurry against the fence but Hunt fought back. “Bigfoot” nearly fell over from exhaustion as the fighters clinched.

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It was a war that can’t be described as anything less than one of the best heavyweight battles to ever take place in the Octagon. Ultimately the fight ended up a majority draw. It was an incredible effort from both fighters who are true warriors in every sense of the term. One judge scored it for Hunt but the draw was understandable. What was your opinion of the classic?

Photo credit: Gary A. Vasquez for USA TODAY Sports