UFC Fight Night 32: Brandon Thatch vs. Paulo Thiago Preview

Welterweight sluggers Paulo Thiago and Brandon meet on the main card of Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 32 event. The fight will be an absolute war in my opinion. Both fighters leave everything in the cage in every fight they’ve had, I doubt this will bout will be any different. Thiago will be trying to prove he’s still a force to be reckoned with at 170 but can he do anything to halt the destructive path of Thatch? Let’s break down both fighters and have a look.

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Both men love to go to war on the feet and throw power into every strike. Thatch, who comes from a karate background, likes to mix his striking up with kicks; that he uses very effectively. Thiago on the other hand prefers to use his boxing skills, which helped him knockout Josh Koscheck at UFC 95.

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The main difference will be speed and footwork, Thatch being a lot quicker than Thiago and very fluent with his footwork. Something else worth thinking about is the fact that Thatch has finished all ten of his opponent’s (with 7 wins by K.O) and is currently riding a 9 fight winning streak. The Brazilian Thiago hasn’t finished any of his opponent’s since a 2010 submission over Mike Swick at UFC 109. Thiago is also 4-2 since then. Look for Thatch to get the better standing. 70-30 in the favor of Thatch.


Thiago has the advantage on paper being a black belt in judo but you rarely see him trying to take fights to the mat. I doubt either fighters wrestling credentials will be the deciding factor in the fight as both men will most likely look to trade. If I had to give a slight edge in this fight it would be to Thiago, as he has fought and done well against high level wrestlers in his career. as mentioned, Thiago, beat high level wrestler Josh Koscheck at UFC 95 and he also dominated Jacob Volkman at UFC 106. For that the slight edge goes with Thiago. I think if the Brazilian wants to give himself the best chances he can, then has to try and take the fight down. 60-40 in favor of Thiago.

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Brandon ThatchSubmissions

Thiago is a black belt in jiu jitsu and also in judo, which he has studied from an early age. At the start of the Brazilian’s MMA career he finished his first five opponent’s by submission and has eight wins by sub in his career so far. With that being said the last one was two years ago at UFC 109 against Mike Swick.

Thatch is no slouch on the mat either, holding three submission wins of his own. His latest came in March against Mike Rhodes. The advantage has to go with Thiago here, even without a submission win in two years, he’s always dangerous on the mat. I think the Brazilians best chance of winning is to get his opponent to the ground and look for a sub early. 65-35 in favor of Thiago.

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I absolutely cannot wait for this fight. Fight of the night is written all over it. Both men have a lot to prove, Thatch by taking his first step up in talent and Thiago to prove he is still a relevant force at the welterweight division.