UFC Fighters To Receive Crypto Bonuses In Future PPV Events


Cyrpto.com and the UFC have partnered together to create cryptocurrency bonuses for UFC fighters in future PPV events.

These bonuses will be given out to the fighters via a fan vote. This new bonus will be incorporated this Saturday at UFC 273. These bonuses will be called ‘Fan Bonus of the Night’ and there will be three bonuses. The first fighter will earn a $30,000 dollar bonus, while the second fighter will earn a $20,000 bonus, and the last fighter chosen will earn a $10,00 bonus.

According to reports, a fan may be able to vote up to three times and the voting starts on the prelims. They end an hour after the main event of the evening ends. As said, this new bonus will only be for PPV’s and not fight nights for future reference.

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Crypto.com and the UFC had signed a huge partnership deal with each other, which included Crypto.com paying $175 million to be sponsored.

UFC President Dana White had a ton of positive things to say about the partnership with Crypto.com

“Crypto.com has been an official UFC partner for less than a year, and I’m telling you they are already one of the best partners we’ve ever had,” Dana White said “They’re constantly coming up with new ideas about how we can work together to connect with the fans. This new Fan Bonus of the Night is an awesome way to get fans more engaged in our events while rewarding the fighters for bad-ass performances.” (Transcribed by MMAFighting)

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These bonuses will not be replacing the already given bonuses that we have become accustomed to. They will be giving both the old bonuses and these new bonuses out at the same time.

Are you a fan of this new bonus? Do you think they should implement them on every fight card including fight nights?