UFC Stockholm Results: Daniel Teymur Bests Sung Bin Jo After Slugfest

Daniel Teymur vs. Sung Bin Jo
Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports
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Kicking off the main card at UFC Stockholm is a featherweight clash between Stockholm’s own Daniel Teymur, and Sung Bin Jo.

Round 1:

Teymur cracks Jo early with a hook and rocks him. He follows up with some big shots but Jo seems to have recovered. Teymur bulldozes in for a huge takedown and has Jo on his back against the cage.

Jo had a beautiful armbar counter locked in for a second, but Teymur managed to squirm out of it. Joe connects on a nice knee to the jaw as he gets to his feet. Teymur lands some beautiful strikes from inside the clinch.

Round 2:

A much more calculated approach from both fighters in this round. Both men exerted a lot of energy in that fast-paced first round. Jo just clips Teymur with a flying knee. Teymur is able to get a bit on his leg kicks.

Round 3:

More tentative approaches from both men early on as Teymur attacks Jo’s legs a few times. Jo fails on a takedown, the pair exchange some knees to the body, leading to Teymur failing on a takedown attempt as well. Jo lands a nice kick to the body as they get to their feet.

Failed takedown attempt from Jo leads to a sweep from Teymur who ends up in top position on the ground. Both men go for leg locks on the ground, allowing Jo to get to his feet after squirming free of Teymur’s attempt.

Teymur cracks Jo with a hard shot and moves in on a takedown. The fight comes to a close after time expires.

Official Result: Daniel Teymur def. Sung Bin Jo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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