In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, we’ll give you a lowdown on the last 24 hours in Jon Jones’ life. The apparently troubled UFC light-heavyweight got popped for cocaine on a WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) drug test back in December 2014, the results of which went public yesterday (January 6th, 2015). The internet obviously went crazy.

The breaking news was coupled with a statement from Jones’ lawyer, stating that his client had admitted himself to a drug rehabilitation clinic. All this just days after a cocky “Bones” gave Daniel Cormier the ‘suck it’ gesture after beating him at UFC 182. Perhaps the champion was out of sorts, and we just became caught up in his image and the moment.

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Either way, the truth is out now, and the UFC official statement regarding Jon Jones’ drug test was about as lenient as can be. I’m not an advocate for punishing fighters for what is essentially ‘out of competition’ recreational use of drugs. Neither is the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), as the metabolite benzoylecgonine is not on their list of OOC (out of competition) banned substances.

Rather contrastingly, fighters like Matt Riddle and Pat Healy have taken massive blows for failed drug tests, and their names carry much less weight (and money) than the champion. “Bam Bam” and Riddle both got popped for marijuana, Healy ate a huge $130k fine and both fighters got their wins overturned to no contests and were served with suspensions.

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On the flip side, Jones appears to be getting a smacked wrist. Is this an example of the UFC playing double standards, or is it co-incidentally now that the promotion chooses to soften their stance on recreational drug use? Dana White and co. are renowned for using the notorious ‘code of conduct’ to penalize and axe fighters when it suits them, but that clearly isn’t getting use for Jon Jones‘ failed drug test. Bare in mind this isn’t the first time JBJ has been in trouble recently.

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The UFC used his illustrious brawl with Daniel Cormier to hype the life out of UFC 182, but was that the start of “Bones” starting to show cracks? He was served with a hefty fine and community service for the affray that day, but clearly his drawing powers are enough to earn him protection from his promotion. Is this right, or do you think he should serve a suspension, out of competition or not? It’s a tricky subject for sure, but take a vote and let us know your opinion LowKick community.

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