UFC announces partnership with Drug Free Sports International following news of USADA split


Hunter Campbell, the executive vice president of the UFC, announced that the promotion would begin a new partnership with Drug Free Sport International as of January 1, 2024, when their contract with USADA officially expires.

The reveal comes on the heels of USADA CEO Travis Tygart’s statement confirming that the two parties would no longer continue working with one another after their relationship became “untenable” over Conor McGregor’s long-awaited return. On October 9, the UFC informed USADA that they would not extend their relationship once the current contract ends on December 31, prompting Tygart to make the announcement.

Dana White offered a scathing response to Tygart’s statement, calling it nothing more than a dirty move.

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Hours later, Campbell, alongside Jeff Novitzky, the UFC senior vice president of athlete health and performance, announced at a press event that the promotion would partner with Drug Free Sport, the organization that conducts anti-doping services for the NCAA, MLB, NFL, and the NBA.

The UFC Demands an Apology From USADA

Hunter Campbell and Jeff Novitzky also had some words regarding the statement made by Travis Tygart, calling it a “complete misrepresentation” of what occurred. “What USADA has put out in the last 48 hours couldn’t be farther from the truth.” According to a report by ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, the UFC is demanding a retraction and an apology from USADA.

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Tygart later followed up with ESPN saying, “We stand by our statement and credibility.

Campbell also revealed that the promotion’s split from USADA has been in the works for at least a year.

Clearly, it won’t be an amicable one.