UFC Open To Adding New Weight Classes When Time Is Right


UFC is open to adding more weight classes after the Association of Boxing Commissions recently added four new official weight classes at 165, 175, 195, and 225. The reason for the new classes being added is due to it hopefully preventing dangerous weight cutting practices currently rife in the UFC.

In the past, UFC President Dana White has shot down in the idea of adding new weight classes. However, despite his simple answer of ‘Nope’ as to whether the UFC planned on implementing them, UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky has given a different answer. He gave a statement that points to the promotion eventually adopting more divisions.

“UFC supports the offering of additional weight classes as initially outlined in CSAC’s ’10-point plan’ and now adopted by the ABC,” a statement provided to MMA Junkie read. “UFC recently unveiled the implementation of two new female weight classes at 125 and 145 pounds, respectively, as the global brand now offers competition at four 10-pound increment weight classes. By adding these additional divisions, UFC believes it is providing more weight-specific options for UFC athletes to promote safer weight management goals.”

“UFC also anticipates that regional talent, who are regularly scouted and imported to UFC’s roster, will soon be robust enough to support these additional weight classes with world-class talent that will eventually be promoted by the global brand.”

Keep in mind that the UFC already has 12 weight classes and there are some questions as to if the promotion needs more divisions. There is a problem with fighters stuck right in the middle of the UFC’s weight divisions.

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By looking at the divisions, you have a jump in 15 pounds between welterweight and middleweight, and 20 pounds between middleweight and light heavyweight.

Obviously, White will have the final say that will likely guide the company going forward for the next few years.

But, by looking back on history, White also gave a similar negative answer to a women’s flyweight division. However, he changed his mind, and in a few months, the division will crown its first champion through The Ultimate Fighter.