Finally, in our highly-anticipated UFC Newark main event, welterweights Colby Covington and Robbie Lawler go to battle.

Round 1:

Covington comes in aggressive and is throwing heavy leather with Lawler. He tries to clinch up a few times but is unable. Covington in on a takedown against the cage now. “Chaos” gets a brief double leg but Lawler is right back up to his feet. Knees to the body for Lawler.

Covington gets a single leg takedown but Lawler is back to his feet, but Covington is on Lawler’s back with a clinch. Covington drags Lawler to the ground on his back and goes for the choke but can’t get it. Lawler defending very well, but Covington isn’t giving up position. Covington continuing to work for the choke but can’t get it. Lawler finally explodes and is up to his feet. Covington pouring on the offense against the cage now and gets a big takedown on Lawler again. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Leg kicks from Covington to open the round. Covington comes inside with nice hooks and gets the takedown. Lawler to his feet and Covington lands an elbow and is in on the takedown again. Covington misses on a spinning elbow and Lawler circles out and lands a leg kick.

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Another shot from Covington lands and he gets another takedown. Lawler to his feet but Covington is still glued to him. Covington landing again, and Lawler is taken down one more time. Lawler to his feet and Covington is working “Ruthless” with shots against the cage. Lawler lands a few shots but Covington keeps the pressure forward and is connecting.

Nice kick to the body lands for Covington. Lawler walks Covington down but he’s not throwing any shots.

Round 3:

Lawler walking Covington down now but still not throwing. Covington takes advantage and gets the takedown. Lawler is to his feet but Covington has his back clinched and drags him down. Lawler to his feet but Covington is still on him against the cage. They separate and Lawler is walking him down again.

Now both men are exchanging in the pocket. Covington connects with a nice shot and now is in on a takedown against the cage. In the linch now and Lawler lands some nice uppercuts before they separate. Lawler connects with a jab. Flying knee attempt from Covington and he shoots in again. Leg and body kicks from Covington. Lawler lands a jab and leg kicks of his own.

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Lawler comes in with a hard shot but Covington responds with one of his own and begins pouring on the volume. Covington has Lawler backed up against the cage. Covington continues to land nice combinations.

Round 4:

Covington comes out pressing the action. He continues to land good shots and lands a nice left hook. More high volume shots from Covington against the cage before he goes for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Lawler lands an uppercut in the clinch.

Lawler is starting to pick up the pace now but he’s still getting tagged by Covington’s volume shots. Single leg attempt from Covington is stuffed. Covington is landing almost at will with the volume strikes, and takes Lawler down again. Lawler is to his feet but is pressed against the cage again. Covington with more volume shots against the cage. The round comes to an end.

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Round 5:

Covington is pressing the action but Lawler is staying right in his face. Covington backs Lawler against the cage and is in on a takedown again, but Lawler shoves him off. In the clinch, Covington lands some knees but now Lawler responds with big hooks. An overhand lands for Lawler and he’s walking Covington down now. Jabs from Covington but Lawler connects with hard body shots.

A nice uppercut lands for Lawler in the clinch again but Covington continues with the volume strikes. Now Lawler is coming in hot. Kicks to the body from Covington. Lawler coming in with seconds left and Covington is exchanging with him, circling and moving away. A spinning back fist lands for Covington as the round comes to an end.

Official Result: Colby Covington def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45, 50-45)

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