UFC Atlantic City Preliminary Card Results: Ryan LaFlare Decisions Alex Garcia

UFC Atlantic City prelim

It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, April 21st, 2018) will come from in the form of UFC Atlantic City. Headlining the card are Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Alex Garcia vs. Ryan LaFlare in a welterweight closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1. In round 1, Left hook lands for Garcia to start as they feel each other out. Body kick for the southpaw LaFlare, then a digging front kick to the gut. Garcia comes up short on an overhand and LaFlare returns fire with a very quick combination, a few shots land flush. Garcia shoots but gets sprawled on. Back on the feet Garcia whiffs on a spinning backfist. He lands a short left as the pocket collapses but LaFlare pushes him to the fence and works on a takedown. LaFlare is weighing on Garcia against the cage, trying to drag him off his feet. He hits a knee to the body before Garcia escapes. LaFlare with another front kick to the body but Garcia catches it and wings a hook that glances as LaFlare kicks out and ducks/spins away. LaFlare kicks out Garcia’s leg. In round 2, Garcia closes distance with a short overhand that bounces off the top of LaFlare’s head. The New Yorker responds with a body kick then ducks under and swings to the back for a takedown. Garcia reverses the attempted back-take but LaFlare uses butterfly hooks to elevate him and pop up. Garcia stick to his hips though and takes him down at the base of the cage. LaFlare trying to frame up an arm-triangle but Garcia is keeping his arm pinned the canvas, blocking it. LaFlare settles for punching the body. In round 3, Garcia sprawls on the first shot. LaFlare kicks but Garcia moves in for a body lock at the same time, and LaFlare’s leg buckles awkwardly. Butterfly guard and clamp for LaFlare prompts a restart. Garcia tries shooting in as LaFlare kicks to the body but gets sprawled on. LaFlare tries a head kick as Garcia retreats and stands. LaFlare kicks but can’t keep Garcia at bay. The Tristar gym rep shoots against the cage for a takedown but is stalled out with LaFlare threatening a back-take. Time ticks by and they remain stalemated. Ref Marc Goddard stands them up. Body kick for LaFlare. He ducks under for a shot but gets reversed. The judges gave the win to LaFlare.

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Merab Dvalishvili vs. Ricky Simon is next in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Merab tries a wheel kick but has it partially caught. They exchange punches and Merab’s 1-2 lands. He misses another wheel kick but pops up off the takedown. Mareb hits an overhand right into a takedown, then picks Simon up and slams him multiple times. Simon gets to the fence to lean on. Merab has a rear waistlock but nearly gets rolled over onto his head. They’re back at range throwing haymakers. Many of punches are missing. Simon drops his hands and Merab hits a left hook. A body shot drops Simon but he tries a takedown. Merab shucks it off and chases after him throwing. Dvalishvili is stuck back to Simon. He’s ripping him down only for Simon to instantly stand against the cage. Simon finally shoves him off. Simon misses a jump kick and Merab drops his hands and screams in his face, only to absorb an overhand. In round 2, Simon bobbing his way in before firing an overhand. He doubles up on the left hook, first body then chin. Simon misses a spinning backfist. Merab chipping away with short leg kicks. Simon misses a massive uppercut then overhand. Merab ducks under for a single but slips off the back when he tries to jump on it. Both men are winging bombs. Simon times a reactive shot perfectly to plant Merab. He’s in guard before Merab scrambles back to his feet, nearly giving up his back. Merab pressuring and he sticks a right hand in Simon’s face. Simon hits a knee to the body as Merab changes levels but Merab takes him down anyway. Simon right up but Merab stuck to him. In round 3, Merab has a body kick stray low on Simon as he absorbs a counter right. Merab turns to face and they disengage. Simon hits a left hook to the body then a jab. Simon stuffs a shot and they jab hard together. Simon hits a reactive shot and is able to keep Merab on his back, who reclaims half guard and tries a kimura briefly. Simon trying to advance, Merab scrambles up. Merab pressures Simon to the fence and they’re brawling in between takedown attempts, A right and left hook lands for Dvalishvili. Merab hits a takedown and Simon wraps up a guillotine and rolls right into mount. Simon nearly snatches victory from the jaws of defeat with a Hail Mary mounted guillotine. But Dvalishvili survived that. Despite what happened, it was a TKO win for Simon.

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Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Luan Chagas is next in a welterweight bout. In round 1, Siyar keeping Chagas stuck on his back, landing occasional shots. Chagas hasn’t made a sincere attempt to get up, but now he swims around to the back. Chagas made Siyar miss a massive right, snuck around to the back, slapped on a body triangle and is now threatening the RNC. Chagas punching Siyar’s back and head a bit. The Afghan fighter is fighting hands and so far Chagas hasn’t been close to finishing. Siyar tries climbing to his feet after the body triangle comes undone but Chagas drags him right down on top of himself again, both hooks in. In round 2, The pair flick out body kicks and miss on power hands. Chagas lands a hard flush 1-2 and ducks away from the counter. Chagas fails on a takedown and covers up from a combo of hooks from Bahadurzada. Both men swinging for the fences. Chagas is out! Looked like a body kick doubled Chagas over and he was a sitting duck for a right hook that slept him.

Corey Anderson vs. Patrick Cummins in a light heavyweight bout opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, Anderson breaks the grip and they’re back in the center of the cage. Cummins’ right eye is already a mess. Anderson rocks him and pours it on but Cummins swings back. Cummins’ hands are a little too slow, Anderson is slipping the shots. He takes Cummins down briefly but Cummins wall-walks. They trade knees on the fence before Cummins breaks. Body kick for Anderson who bobs and weaves around Cummins’ counters. Reactive shot successful for Anderson. In round 2, Anderson jabs then hits a jump knee to the body. A left hook from Cummins before Anderson ties up and they dirty box. Cummins again gets right to his feet but he’s been on the defensive all fight. Anderson takes him down again. Cummins works up but Anderson has a rear waistlock. One last takedown and hammerfist from Anderson before the bell. In round 3, Anderson has one hook in against the fence but Cummins makes him slip off again. Anderson sticks to him, takes him down, continues to threaten the back. Anderson has dominated every moment of this fight and, surprisingly, his wrestling has had a lot to do with it. He gets both hooks in with 1:45 left. Cummins escapes back mount and climbs to his feet but Anderson is giving him no room to breathe. He socks him once and ducks under for another easy takedown. Cummins is flattened out but no hooks for Anderson. He’s riding out top position and landing short punches. Anderson was given the decision win.

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The only UFC Fight Pass prelims is Tony Martin vs. Keita Nakamura in a welterweight bout.  In round 1, Martin opens with an attempted headkick, both fighters happy to do a lot of feinting early. Hard left from K-Taro. Not much defense to his game, but he’s good at eating shots to deliver power with surprising accuracy. Couple more lefts from K-Taro. Martin loads up on a head kick and lands with the knee. Right from Martin and K-Taro went down, caught him off balance, but may have hurt him. Nakamura failing to slip a right hand and he got cracked. Nakamura in on a single leg and Martin dives on a guillotine. Let himself get taken down real easy for that sub attempt. In round 2, a jab from Nakamura and a 1-2. Neither man really willing to sit down much early in the round. Lead uppercut from Martin. Nakamura looking to counter a little more once again. He’s gotten picked off trying to lead. There’s a counter left for K-Taro but he just ate a big right and a head kick and K-Taro’s eye is swollen up. K-Taro shoots late and Martin dives on another guillotine as the round ends. In round 3, Nakamura is aggressive to start R3 but Martin off-balances him with an overhand and lands a body kick. K-Taro ducks under a counter 1-2 for a takedown, Martin looking for a kimura. Nakamura pulls out of the armlock and threatens a front headlock for a moment before they both stand. The pair miss over hands together. Counter left hook from Martin dislodges K-Taro’s mouthpiece. Martin was given the decision win. 

Here are the results:


Welterweight: Ryan LaFlare def. Alex Garcia by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bantamweight: Ricky Simon def. Merab Dvalishvili via TKO (near submission?) at 5:00 of R3

Welterweight: Siyar Bahadurzada def. Luan Chagas by knockout (kick & punch) at 2:40 of Round 2

Light Heavyweight: Corey Anderson def. Patrick Cummins via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass, 7:30 p.m. ET)

Welterweight: Tony Martin def. Keita Nakamura via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)