UFC 4 Receives Its Biggest Update Since Release

ufc 4

EA’s UFC4 just got its first major update since releasing back in August.

The team behind the game have made additions that were requested upon the games launch as well as moving fighters to their new or future weight classes within the game.

Former top-five Bantamweight Pedro Munhoz is now an available fighter in the game. Fans were vocal in calling to attention his lack of presence in the game when it released as it the title featured many unranked fighters but lacked some of the top athletes in their respective divisions.

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Another ranked fighter this time in the Featherweight division, Calvin Kattar will be available to play in the game. Kattar is another fighter fans rallied for after he was not included in the games initial release.

The update also included a list of fighters who will now be usable in new weight classes. The most popular of these is the addition of Jon Jones at heavyweight. The former Light-Heavyweight champion announced his planned shift in division and so has been granted this move within the title.

While he has competed in the division for some time, Omari Akmedov will only now be playable as a Middleweight after originally only being playable as a Welterweight.

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After making his divisional debut defeating Pedro Munhoz, Frankie Edgar is also now available to use as a Bantamweight within the game.

Alexander Gustafsson has also been made available at Heavyweight after his divisional debut, however, unfortunately, this did not go his way losing to Fabricio Werdum by submission in the first round.

EA has also included many aesthetic additions to the game such as updating many of the fighter’s tattoos to reflect how they currently appear.  

On top of these additions, the game has had many controller tweaks and gameplay updates to fix errors and increase the performance and quality of gameplay.