The main event of July’s UFC 189 is the most anticipated fight of 2015, and the UFC kicked off the massive amount of hype for the event this Friday (March 20, 2015) with the first UFC 189 World Tour Press Conference from featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s home city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Flipping off his Irish enemy Conor McGregor, Aldo embarked on a tour of media events that will undoubtedly be unlike any other spectacle he’s underwent in his illustrious MMA career.

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That’s just how impactful the brash, outspoken, and popular McGregor has been on the relatively new 145-pound division in a short amount of time. To chronicle the heated media tour on tape, the UFC has released a special edition of UFC Embedded normally reserved for pay-per-view (PPV) fight cards.

In today’s (Sun., March 22, 2015) first episode, McGregor wastes no time in getting the fire started, going to an Irish pub in Rio to take off his shirt and play a game of darts with Aldo’s face on the board and then ripping up and eating a photo of Aldo.

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Aldo and McGregor head to the press conference and receive two opposite responses from the raucous Brazilian crowd before McGregor opens up with a river of well thought-out, yet brutal, trash talk upon Aldo.

The champ is visibly angered by the verbal banter afterwards, saying he can’t wait to go right through “Notorious,” who yells out for the belt he believes is his. McGregor then heads to the airport drinking out of a coconut, saying that he owns Rio de Janeiro while Aldo kisses his family goodbye.

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Watch the intense action below: