UFC 142: Silva vs. Prater fight will be reviewed by the UFC

UFC 142 did not go off without some controversy. At first glance it appeared that Erick Silva was going to get his hand raised after his fight against Carlo Prater was stopped the 29 second mark of Round One. Early signs indicated that the fight would go Silva’s way as he had been raining hammerfists down upon the head of Prater when referee Mario Yamasaki stepped in to end the fight. However, the television camera microphones were picking up whispers from Bruce Buffer that made viewers think otherwise.

When the result of the fight was officially announced it had been deemed a disqualification victory for Prater with Yamasaki deeming that Silva’s punches had landed to the back of the head of Prater, making them illegal.

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Well, it looks like things are far from over regarding that very brief bout. Today MMAJunkie.com reported that UFC Vice President Marc Ratner informed Silva’s manager Wallid Ismail that the promotion would review the fight.

The fight has brought up the question of instant replay being used in cases like this. 

What do you think LoweKick’ers, does the UFC need instant replay and when should it be used?

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