Tyron Woodley’s mother Deborah did not feel like answering any questions after seeing her son get brutally knocked out by Jake Paul on Saturday night.

Momma Woodley was in attendance to watch ‘The Chosen One’ try to exact his revenge over Paul at the Amalie Arena in Florida. Earlier this year, the YouTuber eked out a split decision win over her son to improve his boxing record to 4-0. This past weekend, Paul delivered on his promise to “f*ck up” ‘T-Wood’ who he shockingly knocked out cold in the sixth round.

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As Momma Woodley was exiting the arena she was asked what went wrong for her son tonight. Deborah clearly didn’t like the line of questioning and got up in the unknown man’s face and yelled. “What the f*ck do you think mother f*cker? What went wrong with you?

Tyron Woodley Explained What Went Wrong Later That Evening

Luckily, Tyron Woodley was much happier fielding questions about his latest defeat and did so in front of a packed room of reporter’s post-fight. The former UFC champion explained that a momentary lapse led to him suffering perhaps the most vicious and definitely the most embarrassing defeat of his long fight career.

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“I thought I was winning, it wasn’t a landslide,” Woodley told the media post-fight. “I went back and I looked at [the KO], and I’m like: ‘Why the f*** did I drop my hand?

“I had both hands up, I was ready, I knew it was coming, I was ready to block the overhand. I don’t know if he delayed it, [but] even if he didn’t delay it, I don’t know why I dropped my hand.

“In this sport, it can take literally one mistake. I blocked so many punches. Had he dropped his hand on me, the same s*** would have happened.”

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Do you think Tyron Woodley will fight on after this latest loss?

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