Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley In Rematch – Highlight

Jake Paul

After fighting to a split decision earlier this year, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley entered the boxing ring once again for a rematch in Tampa, FL.

Let’s see how things played out.

Round 1:

It was a relatively uneventful first round as both fighters appeared hesitant. Paul and Woodley traded orthodox jabs but clinched multiple times in the opening minutes, as the referee broke them up.

Round 2:

The pace began to pick up a little bit in the second round, and Paul started to find his footing. Both Woodley and Paul landed some solid shots on the inside, but there weren’t too many damaging shots in the round. Paul was the more active fighter by a slight margin.

Round 3:

Woodley began to pen up a bit more in the third round, especially with the straight right hand. There appeared to be an accidental elbow that opened up a brutal cut on Paul, and Paul appeared to have issues with his vision as blood dropped into his eyes. Woodley had Paul in a brief moment of trouble against the ropes, before slowing down.

Round 4:

Woodley opened up the fourth round with a flurry of combinations but appeared to take his foot off the gas as Paul started to fatigue. Woodley, in a clinching position with Paul, took him down with a UFC-esque move. The referee issued a brief warning and the fight resumed. Paul is breathing through his mouth and appears tired, but Woodley isn’t pouring out volume.

Round 5:

Paul and Woodley continued to engage in the clinch throughout the round despite multiple warnings from the referee. There appeared to also be an accidental headbutt by Woodley. Woodley landed a fast flurry of 1-2 combinations towards the end of the round but didn’t follow up. Paul landed a few decent hooks.

Round 6:

The sixth round began a bit slow with both men engaging the clinch, but Paul landed the decisive blow that send Woodley collapsing to the canvas for the knockout win. It was an overhand right hook that Paul set up from the hip that landed clean to Woodley’s left temple and ended the fight immediately. Doctors immediately came into the ring to attend to Woodley, and he appeared out for at least a full minute.

Check out the vicious knockout from the highly-anticipated rematch between Paul and Woodley.

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