Tyron Woodley Makes Interesting Claim About Conor McGregor’s PPV Demands


UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is going to be on the sidelines as he is slated to undergo shoulder surgery. However, he already has sights set on when he’ll fight next, and that is in March.

Woodley stated that he’s heard UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is going to return to the Octagon around then. Woodley stated that McGregor has one demand that might keep him off the card.

“From what I hear, if he’s on the card, he doesn’t want any pay-per-view grossing fighters on the card with him,” Woodley this week told MMAjunkie Radio. “Because he doesn’t want to feed us any more, which I can respect. The dude is the draw. You can hate all you want, but he’s the draw. He’s that dude right now.”

It should be noted that the UFC has yet to officially announce when the lightweight champion would return to the Octagon but when he does, it’s expected that he will fight interim titleholder Tony Ferguson.

Before that fight can happen, UFC President Dana White will need to work out a new deal with the UFC lightweight champion.

Earlier this week, White went on record by stating that he’s working on a new deal for the Irish champion. This is after McGregor stated that he would not fight again unless he is given an ownership stake in the promotion.

Woodley is contractually promised PPV points which might eat into McGregor’s final payout.

“They’ve kind of opened up the door for Conor to do whatever the hell he wants to,” Woodley told MMAjunkie in a separate interview on Wednesday. “He’s slapping commissioners and doing whatever he wants. The blueprint is kind of set for Conor to have his own set of rules, and then everybody else follows the old-school rules.”

McGregor’s longtime rep, Audie Attar, was reached for comment on Woodley’s claim about PPV and here is what he had to say:

“The people that are going to watch me are going to watch Conor,” Woodley said. “There are people that watch Conor that might not watch me. So I can see where he’s coming from, in basically feeding us to get pay-per-view. I really don’t have an issue with that.”