Tyron Woodley Has Been In Camp Since October, Vows To ‘Sleep’ Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley claims he has been in training for a potential fight with Jake Paul since October, despite the fact the YouTuber was booked to face Tommy Fury on December 18.

The former UFC welterweight champion got the call to rematch Paul earlier this week after Fury withdrew from the bout due to injury. While the late-notice change of opponent came as a surprise to many, Woodley insists he was not caught off guard and has been training to rematch Paul for over two months.

“I want to let you guys know I’m excited about this fight,” Woodley said on Instagram via FightHype.com. “I also want to let you guys know that something told me – end of September, beginning of October I told my boxing coach, ‘My spirit ain’t sitting right.

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“The fight that’s supposed to happen is me and Jake. This Tommy Fury fight doesn’t even make f*cking sense. Like, who gives a f*ck about that fight? Nobody do.’ … I told my coach that and I didn’t just speak it and tell him that, I said, watch what I’m telling you. I told my strength and conditioning coach and my boxing coach, ‘This fight ain’t gonna happen. Let’s train as if we are fighting for this f*cking fight.’ I flew him in from Miami – my strength and conditioning coach is already in St. Louis – and I literally started training.”

“One thing I know for sure, my spirit has never been f*cking wrong,” Woodley added. “My intuition, my alignment, so when I got the call it was kind of funny, because sometimes people call you and they think you out of shape. They think you fat and they think you greasy and they think you not ready. I was ready and I’m so thankful.

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“I’m f*cking in shape, I’m ready to f*cking go. I sparred 12 rounds the other day, I sparred 7 rounds last night around the same time I’m gonna fight, midnight-1 am. I’m f*cking excited and I’m thankful and I’m blessed. I’m blessed for the opportunity and I promise you, I didn’t even hesitate. That motherf*cker can say a lot of shit, if you ask the people, when they asked me, within moments, ‘Yes’ was the first thing that came out of my mouth. ‘What the f*ck you mean? Yeah.”

Tyron Woodley Vows To Redeem Himself On December 18

Earlier this year Woodley suffered what must go down as a pretty embarrassing split decision loss to the former Disney star. ‘The Chosen One’ was able to hit Paul infrequently with power shots but seemed unable to press the action to close the show and ultimately that cost him on the judge’s scorecards.

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Woodley promises that in 10 days’ time he will not leave the fight in the hands of the judges, as he will knock out Paul and even the score.

“No doubt, no controversy, no bullsh*t, no shenanigans,” Woodley said. “He’s going. To. F*cking. Sleep. I promise you that.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

Do you think Tyron Woodley will avenge his defeat to Jake Paul on December 18?

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