Tyron Woodley: ‘Colby Covington’s a ho if he’s trying to press charges’

tyron woodley
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Tyron Woodley says Colby Covington’s a ho if he decides to press charges on Jorge Masvidal

Late Monday night, reports surfaced of an alleged altercation outside of a Miami, Fla. steakhouse between UFC 272 opponents Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.

According to Covington’s statement to local authorities, he was walking away from the restaurant as Masvidal ran up from the left and sucker-punched him twice. One punch was to his mouth and the other to his eye. During the attack, Masvidal was said to be shouting “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.”

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Covington, who suffered a broken tooth and abrasion to his left wrist as a result of the alleged dust-up, said Masvidal was wearing a blue surgical mask and a hoodie that covered his head. He said he was able to identify Masvidal because of his signature curly hair, voice, and upper half of his face.

Police were called and videos taken by bystanders show Covington questioning how Masvidal was able to track down his location.

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The former teammates turned bitter rivals had twenty-five state-sanctioned minutes to settle their differences inside of the octagon, but it clearly was not enough. As a result, “Gamebred” could be facing felony battery charges.

A former teammate of both men at American Top Team, Tyron Woodley, took to his Instagram live Tuesday night to give his opinion on the situation.

“Colby Covington’s a ho if he’s trying to press charges on my dog. A fight’s a fight. You just fought him in a cage. If ya’ll still ain’t settled it by then, then sh*t might have to go again. It might be for free this time.”

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Do you agree with Tyron Woodley? Should Colby Covington press charges?