New Footage Show Jorge Masvidal Being Held Back Following Colby Covington Altercation

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Jorge Masvidal had to be held back by two men following a reported fight that broke out between Colby Covington and him outside of a popular restaurant in Miami.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Masvidal can be seen yelling and trying to get closer to Covington as the top welterweight contender retreated back inside the Papi Steak restaurant. Two men needed to hold Masvidal back outside the restaurant to prevent any further trouble.

Covington was seen hanging out with Menery and the Nelk Boys after an appearance on their “Full Send” podcast earlier that day. Following their dinner together, he stepped out of the restaurant when the alleged fight broke out.

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Jorge Masvidal can be spotted in the video wearing a black t-shirt and a hat while Colby Covington can be seen in a tan shirt with grey pants. The video is reported to have been shot around 30 minutes after the two got in an alleged physical altercation outside the restaurant in Miami Beach.

It’s important to note that Covington had dinner at the restaurant with the Nelk Boys while Masvidal did not reportedly eat there. Covington was said to be leaving when Masvidal allegedly attacked him outside the restaurant.

After a brief explanation of the incident to the police, Covington can be seen asking social media star Bob Menery, “How would he (Masvidal) know I’m here?”. Menery had uploaded a video of the UFC star in the restaurant on Instagram and appeared to have no answers either.

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Was Colby Covington set up for a fight with Jorge Masvidal?

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal seemed to have settled their differences inside the octagon at UFC 272 on March 5 where Covington rose to a dominant unanimous decision victory. The best friends turned enemies look like they still have bad blood between them with Masvidal eyeing a re-match with his former roommate.

While the hatred seems to be genuine, the circumstances look shady. There have been speculations of Covington being set up by Menery and the Nelk Boys, who may have leaked the information of the whereabouts of ‘Chaos’ to ‘Gamebred’.

The bitter rivalry between the pair is far from over and this incident could play as fodder for the UFC to set up another fight between the two in the near future.

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Do you think the alleged fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal was a set up?