Two Former UFC Champs Nearly Came To Blows In Drunken Night Out

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Two former UFC champs nearly came to blows in a drunken night out.

Both Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping have taken to the analyst role beautifully. Both currently can be seen holding down the desk on FOX on a regular basis. It appears, however, their friendship has grown even closer through the years.

The former bantamweight champ joined Bisping on his “Believe You Me” podcast earlier this week. One of the more memorable moments of the show was when Cruz told of a drunken night out with Bisping.

It was a night that almost ended with both Cruz and Bisping coming to blows. According to “The Dominator,” it was also a night that ended with Bisping flooring his brother.

“Thank God I talked a little bit of sense to (Bisping) because at first when he was yelling to me, I was like, ‘Go ahead, Bisping. If you want to do this, we can do this right f*ck*ng now.’ I was like, ‘We can do this, but I promise you, you’re going to swing, you’re going to miss, we’re in a small place, you can’t see very well, I’m going to hit you 10 times before you even hit me once,’” Cruz recounted.

Crux may have momentarily talked Bisping down. However, according to the bantamweight great, Bisping would lay out his own brother just seconds later as he tried to be the voice of reason. Bisping, of course, denies flooring his brother, saying quote, “I may have slapped him”:

“All of a sudden, Michael Bisping’s brother comes out of nowhere and he goes, ‘Bisping, Bisping. Stop it! You’re going to get us in trouble. And Bisping just whap! Sleeps his brother in the middle of the club, just lays him out! I go, ‘Oh my God, that could have been me! Thank God I talked a little bit of sense to him because at first when he was yelling to me, I was like, ‘Go ahead, Bisping.”

Watch Michael Bisping’s podcast with Cruz right here: