Twitter Beef of the Day: Kevin Randleman Wants to “Rip a Piece” Off Matt Riddle

Kevin Randleman

(Who said “Huuuge bitch!” behind my back?! Who said it?!) 

As anyone who has married friends will tell you, no matter how funny it is to let said friend complain about how terrible/annoying/insufferable their wife is, you are never to make fun of said wife unless given a direct order to do so. Apparently something of this nature went down between Kevin Randleman and Matt Riddle recently, as Randleman recently unleashed nothing short of a deluge of threats aimed at Riddle over Twitter, citing alleged comments Riddle had made to his wife as his reasoning for wanting to “rip a piece off” the TUF 7 alum.

Just check out the anger in the tweets below. A line has clearly been crossed.

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We could be wrong, but Riddle always struck us as a harmless, funny in a Forrest Gump way kind of guy. The last thing we would peg him as would be disrespectful, but you gotta imagine Randleman isn’t just making this up out of nowhere. Riddle is a welterweight, whereas Randleman is built like the freakish offspring of a Rhinoceros and a brick shithouse, so it’s not like he’s using the Riddle angle to Toney his way back into the UFC. For Christ’s sake, Randleman’s wife could probably take Riddle in a fight, and we mean that in the nicest, most respectful way possible. What we’re saying is, Riddle best start looking over his shoulder, because the chances of “The Monster” actually surviving a cut to 170 and resolving this legally are as good as…well, you know…

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We will provide details as they emerge.

-J. Jones