Tyson Fury warned to steer clear of UFC clash with Jon Jones: ‘If he gets hold of you, he is pulling limbs off’

Jon Jones

Retired English boxer Tony Bellew suggests Tyson Fury stay as far away as possible from the likes of mixed martial artists like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

Bellew, a former WBC cruiserweight champion, retired from the sport after more than a decade of competing inside the squared circle. Today, ‘Bomber’ still contributes to the sport as an analyst and commentator. He’s also known to drop a nickel’s worth of free advice from time to time. In a video clip shared by Boxing Social, Bellew did exactly that by recommending heavyweight boxing icon Tyson Fury keep his distance from two of the best fighters in the world today, Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

“No boxer has any chance whatsoever against… The minute someone comes at you like this (dropping into position for a takedown attempt), just hold your hands up, bro,” Bellew said. “Just hold your hands up and say, ‘I’m good.’ I don’t need any of this Tyson Fury… Mate, I know you think you can wrestle. You think you’re strong and heavy. If he gets hold of you, he is pulling limbs off. Limbs. I’m talking you’re going to lose your ankle, your knee, your arm. You’re going to lose something.

“Jon Jones is a freak of nature. The guy’s a monster and I don’t even want to speak about Francis Ngannou because that frightens me. Just hearing his name and I’m not scared of no one.”

Don’t Expect to See Tyson Fury and Jon Jones Mix It Up Anytime Soon

Jon Jones and Tyson Fury recently engaged in a war of words with one another after long-time UFC commentator Joe Rogan suggested that if the two behemoths were locked in a room together, ‘Bones’ would be the only one to walk out. ‘The Gypsy King’ initially took issue with Rogan, calling the popular podcaster a “little f*cking p*ssy” amongst other creative expletives. That in turn got the attention of the reigning UFC heavyweight champion who offered to put in a good word for him with Dana White should he ever want to test his skills in the Octagon.

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Fury made it pretty clear that he had no interest in cage fighting. “[I don’t] roll ’round on the floor! I stand up and punch,” he said. Last week, Fury was also spotted meeting up with current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya at a boxing event in Australia where he again confirmed that cage fighting was not in his future. Still, the idea of Fury mixing it up with some of the best mixed martial artists in the world, like Jon Jones, is a fun topic to debate, even if the chances of it happening are less than Mark Coleman coming out of retirement at 58 years old.

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