Tommy Morrison is Nearly as Batshit Crazy as Charlie Sheen

Tommy coulda been an Expendable.
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If you followed boxing in the 90s or at least watched all of the Rocky movies, you know the name Tommy Morrison. “The Duke” as he was known to fans of The Sweet Science or “Tommy Gunn” as movie buffs remember him as, Morrison has fallen further from grace than Mike Tyson, which is a tough act to follow considering “Iron Mike’s” colorful past.

You might recall that Morrison was diagnosed with HIV back in 1996 just after he lost his International Boxing Council belt to Lennox Lewis, forcing him into early retirement, at least in North America and Europe. After taking a fight in Japan at the end of that year, Morrison quietly stepped away from the sport he loved for the next 11 years. Then in 2007 Morrison emerged with suspect blood test results and a story that boxing promoters who wanted him removed from the sport contrived the plan and bribed doctors to say he had the precursor to AIDS.

He returned to the ring later that year and picked up a TKO win. Since then he won one other bout and is said to be training for another return to boxing at the age of 42 between bouts of meth use and unprotected sex with his oblivious girlfriend.

The only problem is, Morrison is apparrently more sick than he lets on.

In a recent interview with the Kansas City Star, Tommy proved that Tyson ain’t got nothin’ on him when it comes to being crazy and that Alexsander Emelianenko isn’t the only fighter who can fudge a blood test.

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“The rough Oklahoma twang will spell out all kinds of ideas, things that would blow your mind if they existed outside his reality.

Telekinesis, for instance. He hasn’t quite figured it out, but he’d rather be invisible, anyway. Just think of all the stuff he could learn. One time he teleported himself out of a bar, and did you know the human body can re-grow limbs?

His face is worn and his skin sags in places, but he insists he’s in the best shape of his life. He’s going to be heavyweight champion again if boxing lets him back in, and this brings up HIV. It always comes back to HIV with Tommy, even over breakfast, so he chops up his $12 steak and eggs and tells you he is the victim of a wild conspiracy.

They stole his career, he says, at least a $38 million contract and who knows how much after that? They stole his good name, too. Made him admit to the world he has HIV. But that was before he found out that HIV doesn’t exist. It was invented to control people, he tells you, and he can go on and on about this all day.

He takes another bite and looks at his girlfriend, a woman from England named Trisha.

“We have unprotected sex,” she says.

Tommy is still chewing, but laughs.

“Every day,” he says. “We’re wild.”

Five years ago, Tommy told anyone who would listen that he was launching a comeback. He was fit and sharp and seemingly committed, ready to take on the world.

In the time since, he’s had only three fights of dubious quality and created a desperate reality consumed with an unwinnable debate against the medical community.”

There are two types of people in the world: Those who accept that shit happens and those who deny it. Morrison is the latter.

“Tommy has spots all over his hands and arms. They’re distracting when you meet him. You can’t miss them. He blames his boxer puppy. Only the spots aren’t bite marks or scratches, and so now Tommy says they’re mosquito bites. Mosquitoes love him, he says. Except it’s the middle of winter, and the marks look a lot like the HIV symptom of lesions or Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Tommy wants to talk to you about HIV. It’s a farce, he says. An invention by a scientist who wanted to make money, a lie kept alive by a government that wants to scare people. He doesn’t have HIV, never did, and besides, it’s not the deadly disease it’s been made out to be.

What he says sounds crazy, but there is an obvious and undeniable fact sitting in front of you: Tommy Morrison is still alive and apparently healthy, 15 years after testing positive for HIV. Magic Johnson tested positive five years before Tommy, but Johnson has wealth and the very best medical care.

Tommy isn’t broke, exactly, but lives a paycheck-to-paycheck sort of life and says he’s never taken any medication for HIV. In fact, he served 14 months in prison for drugs and weapons charges in the early 2000s, talks of past methamphetamine binges, and was arrested on another drug charge as recently as last year. This is not a man who follows doctors’ orders.

He speaks with such certainty, such conviction, and even has a negative HIV test from last year to show you. That test has been disputed. It could be someone else’s blood, and his name is on failed tests, too. Still, it’s hard not to wonder enough to call a doctor.”

And about the telekinesis….

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Tommy Morrison figures you won’t believe him, but he’ll tell you anyway about the time he teleported himself out of trouble.

It was in a dark and shady bar in Springfield. Daytime. A group of people sat around a table in the back corner, and Tommy instantly felt like he’d walked in on something. He says there was “an overwhelming feeling of evil” in that room, and he knew he had to get out. So he lowered his head and shut his eyes and when he woke up he was standing outside in bright daylight.

“I know it sounds (messed) up,” he says. “But I’ll tell you what, it happened to me. It’s real. But things like this don’t work for anybody that doesn’t believe it.”

What’s to believe? You probably passed out in the bar and the bouncers threw you out on your ass.

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Check out the rest of the train wreck that is the story of Morrison’s life HERE. It’s well worth the read.