Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury finally happened today, February 26, 2023, at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia.

This became the first defeat of Jake Paul‘s boxing career, amateur or professional, but didn’t come without it’s controversies.

Tommy Fury opens up the bout with a furious pace, doubling and tripling up on his jab. Paul did a good job of tying up with Fury and nullifying his attack. Paul lands a nice overhand right, and a good straight right to the body in the first round, while Fury ended the round with a flurry of punches.

Fury did a good job landing his jab in the second, though Paul countered two of them with check left hooks. Paul continues trying to land his overhand right, but Fury blocks most of them.

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Paul lands his stiff jab throughout the third round, and also continues to land those heavy left hooks and overhand rights. This was by far his best round after a close first and second.

Fury comes out in the fourth throwing a number of heavy combinations, and it appears Paul is beginning to fade.

But, we thought that when he fought Anderson Silva too and he finished that fight strong.

Both talents do well in the fifth, though the referee unfairly deducts a point from Paul. There was no dirty tactic performed, that was quite a ridiculous call.

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Paul is visibly tiring in round six, though he’s still landing hard shots.

This is a very close fight after seven rounds; Paul has a slight bruise under his eye, and Fury has a cut above his.

The referee also decides to take a point from Fury in this round, which also was unwarranted. But, at least it evens the score a little.

Paul secures an early knockdown to begin the eighth and final round, a beautiful jab Fury walked straight into.

The remainder of round eight was very close, as was much of the fight.

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Considering there was a potential for two 9-9 rounds, not to mention round eight, which would also be scored 9-9 if the judges gave it to Fury, there was certainly some controversy during this fight. The referee didn’t do either man any justice in this one.

Then we have the official scorecards, which read 75-74 Paul, 76-73 Fury, 76-73 Fury, awarding Tommy Fury the split decision victory.

Jake Paul falls to 6-1 as a professional boxer today in Saudi Arabia, while Tommy Fury climbs to 9-0.

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