Tom Aspinall Submits Andrei Arlovski – UFC Vegas 19 Results

Aspinall Arlovski

Kicking off the UFC Vegas 19 main card is a heavyweight bout between Andrei Arlovski and Tom Aspinall.

Round 1: Aspinall starts the fight with a jab. Arlovski blitzes but Aspinall avoids it. Aspinall lands a right. Arlovski is backed up against the cage. Aspinall lands a couple of leg kicks. Aspinall hurts Arlovski and unloads a barrage of punches and body shots. Arlovski fights back and manages to survive as Aspinall has him clinched up against the fence. Arlovski eventually separates and they return to striking. Aspinall evades a jab and starts to pressure Arlovski again. Arlovksi lands a shot during a blitz but Aspinall reverses and clinches him up against the fence again. They separate again and are back in the center of the Octagon. Arlovski misses a head kick but lands a big right. Arlovski connects with a body kick to end the round.

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Round 2: Arlovski misses a front kick to start the round. Aspinall blocks another but eats a right hand. Arlovski lands a body shot. Aspinall replies with some leg kicks. Arlovksi lands a right but Aspinall laughs it off. Arlovski misses a spinning back kick. Aspinall goes for a blast double and transitions to a rear naked choke and quickly gets the win!

Official result: Tom Aspinall defeats Andrei Arlovski via submission (R2, 1:09).