Cody Garbrandt withdrew from his scheduled UFC 213 bout with TJ Dillashaw due to a reported back injury, but the former bantamweight champ’s not convinced that’s why they’re not fighting.

Garbrant’s injury was reported several weeks ago. But, after it was, UFC boss man Dana White relayed he was still certain the fight would go down, since they were sending Garbrandt to renowned, medical facility in Germany. The treatments, however, apparently didn’t work, and the fight was cancelled.

Well, recently Dillashaw was a guest on the Fight Society podcast, and he hinted that Garbrandt isn’t actually injured. When asked to expand on the comment, Dillashaw offered this (quote via FOX Sports):

“It’s just the fact that I’ve seen him drunk and wrestling around with his buddies while his back is supposedly hurt doing rehab,” Dillashaw said. “There’s some posts that I got tagged in or got sent to me when I woke up one morning, him getting all drunk with his buddies and him getting into a full blown wrestling match on the ground with Danny Castillo.

“If it was hurting you to walk and you couldn’t take the title fight then you should probably be doing some rehab.”

Now, if this is accurate, it does seem a bit odd that Garbrandt would be wrestling with a bad back. Many of us, let’s be honest, have made very poor decisions when alcohol is involved. Further, Garbrandt supporters would likely argue that there’s no way “No Love” is ducking Dillashaw. The latter’s team and fans, however, might say otherwise.

It would also be interesting to know if the UFC picks up the phone and makes some calls, when they catch wind of these kinds of reports. Certainly pro teams don’t like to hear that say, their star pitcher has been out participating in arm wrestling matches when they were supposed to be sidelined with an arm injury.

Garbrandt aside, Dillashaw continues to campaign hard for a bout with flyweight champ, Demetrious Johnson. So far, however, there’s been nothing doing on that front, as “Mighty Mouse” is standing by his stance on not accepting that bout.