TJ Dillashaw Blasts Cody Garbrandt: I Was Never Close With Him

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Former Team Alpha Male teammates Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw will fight for Garbrandt’s newly acquired UFC bantamweight title later this year after they coach opposite each other on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Since losing his title to Dominick Cruz last January, Dillashaw has won two straight over Raphael Assuncao and John Lineker to earn another shot at divisional supremacy. Garbrandt, on the other hand, recently dominated Cruz over the course of five rounds to steal the title at this past December’s UFC 207.

The two bantamweights have seemed to stir up a rivalry since Dillashaw’s departure from the Sacramento-based Team Alpha Male, but the ex-champion recently told Submission Radio that him and “No Love” were never close. He also said that the champion tends to put on an act when the cameras are rolling:

“I was never close with him, I was never friends with him and he’s just obsessed with what I’m doing and how I’m living and what’s going on in my life,” Dillashaw said. “I don’t question anything of what he’s got going on cause that’s him. I could care less. You know, I just kind of feel like they’re just obsessed with what I’ve got going on. Off-camera, not on interviews, things are fine. Things are perfectly fine. We’re in rooms together and things are nothing, but as soon as the camera’s on and doing interviews, he’s the tough guy because he wants to look cool. For him it’s all about looking cool and getting his social media followers up. It’s a lot of petty stuff. He’s getting his hair lined up and his eyebrows waxed and looking as cool as he possibly can, but really I think it makes him look just kinda dumb, you know, to buy into all that. He really doesn’t have the wits behind him. He can talk, but really it’s just him getting angry. You saw with Cruz as well, he just kinda gets angry and loses it. He really doesn’t have any valid points.”

Who do you expect to walk away with 135-pound gold when Garbrandt and Dillashaw settle their bad blood later this year?

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