TJ Dillashaw Apologizes To Fans For UFC Brooklyn Loss

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Things didn’t go as planned for the bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw last night as he got dusted in the main event of UFC Brooklyn.

Reigning flyweight king Henry Cejudo needed only 32 seconds to turn away Dillashaw’s efforts to become the latest “champ-champ.” It was somewhat of a surreal moment that nobody saw coming.

Dillashaw would immediately protest the stoppage that some fans and UFC President Dana White felt was a bit too early for a fight of this magnitude. However, nothing can be done once a fight is called off by the referee (no matter how egregious it is).

Overwhelmed with disappointment and disbelief, Dillashaw took to Instagram to apologize to his fans for his performance or lack thereof.

Well F*#% that didn’t go as planned. Sorry to all my fans that I didn’t get to show all my hard work. Tough one to swallow having the fight taken from me like that. But I need to lead by example for my son and practice what I preach, brush my self off and pray that I get the chance to do it again.”

This is a setback for Dillashaw and his attempt to become only the fourth “double champ” in UFC history. He has already stated that he would love to run it back with Cejudo at 125-pounds.

Cejudo, however, doesn’t seem too keen on that idea.

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