Newly minted Huntington Beach city councilman and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is demanding that California recounts their votes for the federal election.

Vote recounts have been a popular topic in the news as of late. While it’s possible some may take place in states where the election ended in a tight race – such as Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada – it’s highly unlikely that will happen in California, where Democratic Candidate Joe Biden won %65 of the vote, leading by more than 4 million ballots.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop Ortiz, who has long been an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, from sharing a link on his Twitter account to a petition calling for a vote recount in the Golden State.

The poorly written petition states that, “The people of California are no longer going to tolerate our corrupt Government to claim victory for Democrats with 0 Precints counted. The people of California invested heavily their time into Trump rallies in San Diego, Big Bear, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora, Lake Elsinore, Dana Point, Carlsbad. We will not let the Corrupt democrats give away our state !! We the People of California DEMAND a fair count of the state!”

It should be noted that the state was called by the Associated Press, who have no affect on the outcome of the election.

The petition has widely been mocked and criticized by Ortiz’s followers, and even the head of the UFC, Dana White, joined in on the ridicule.

White and Ortiz have had a feud that goes back to the reign the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” had as champion. It appears that even their mutual admiration and respect of Donald Trump couldn’t stop the UFC boss from taking one more jab at Ortiz.

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