Tim Kennedy Considering Drop To Welterweight

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UFC middleweight competitor Tim Kennedy sounds fed up after his UFC 178 loss……

Tim Kennedy had a pretty rough night back at UFC 178; after very nearly knocking out Yoel Romero, Kennedy was the subject of a comeback KO from “Soldier of God”, but only after the notorious stool gate incident. Moving forward, Kennedy has engaged in trolling Shogun Rua, but not really actively looked for another fight yet.

It would seem though, according to our friends over at Submission Radio, that Tim Kennedy is planning a drop down to 170 pounds, check it out:

“Yeah it’s something that’s very possible. Like I’m a big strong dude, but obviously I’m super short for my division, 185. When you fight guys like Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping and Roger Gracie; like Yoel (Romero) and Rafael Natal, they’re both like 6 foot, like 6’1″ and they’re the shortest guys I’ve fought I think in that division. So there’s some major advantages to moving down to 170 and something that we’ve talked about and kicked around a lot, and I can make it. You know, like I enjoy being 230-240, but a cut to 170, I’ve been there before and it wouldn’t be impossible.”

About his UFC 178 loss:

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“So I’m really disappointed at the sport, I’m really disappointed in John, I’m really disappointed in myself. So I’m gonna keep hunting. You know I got five more weeks of hunting season. I’m still training. I’m still doing two or three workouts a day when I’m not up in the mountains…….. but I’m not there yet.”

Tim Kennedy is actually 4-1 in the UFC, so a move to welterweight wouldn’t be a do-or-die just yet, and there are still plenty of fights for Kennedy at 185 pounds. When posed the question about fighting Anderson Silva, Kennedy said he would love that fight:

“Yes, man in a drop of a dime I would come back to fight that guy. You know I hate the sport, I love that guy, and he’s been a guy that’s like, in my perspective has been a purist, a martial artist in this sport. You know, never failing any tests, always showing up to fight, always being a true artist, and when he does, he’s like a violent ballerina in the cage.”

“Nick and Anderson, I don’t even know. I can’t make a prediction on that besides, I will be tuned in and I will be glued to the TV. I’m a fan of both of those guys on so many different levels and I’m so excited to see that fight.”

It seems that Tim Kennedy is pretty down on the sport of MMA, and is considering his options…at this stage in his career, would a drop to 170 pounds make sense?

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