VIDEO | Slo-Mo Of Tyron Woodley Punch That Almost Finished Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley

New video from Sunday’s boxing match shows just how close Tyron Woodley was to finishing Jake Paul.

Woodley and Paul met in a highly-publicized boxing match on Sunday night. the two went toe-to-toe for the entire scheduled 8 rounds, which ultimately saw Paul declared the winner by split decision.

For the majority of the bout, Woodley appeared reluctant to engage with his opponent. The first 3 rounds saw him throw little offense, much like we saw in MMA bouts against Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington towards the end of his UFC career.

However, as the fourth round rolled about, Woodley began to at least show some sense of urgency. He started to throw his hands more, and was able to slip a punch and counter with a hard left hook. The shot landed cleanly and appeared to have Paul in a world of trouble. DAZN has since released a slow-motion clip of the punch that truly shows how bad Paul was rocked.

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Paul’s head snaps back and he is forced to lean on the ropes for support. But to his credit, he never goes down and was able to keep his wits about him. It was the first time we’ve seen Paul in any sort of trouble during his boxing career, and he showed that – despite what people think about him – he has some degree of toughness in his DNA.

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Unfortunately for Woodley, he was unable to take advantage of the moment and allowed Paul back into the fight. While the second half of the fight proved much more competitive than the first, Paul had already done enough to earn himself the victory.

What’s next for Woodley remains anyone’s guess. He called for an immediate rematch against Paul, but the intrigue behind the fight is largely now gone and the former YouTube star probably has his eyes set on bigger and better things. Woodley could see if there are other opportunities for him in the boxing world, or he could see if any other major MMA organizations are willing to bring him on board. Of course, it’s also entirely possible we’ve seen him in his last fight and he hangs up the gloves for good.

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