Seth Rollins says UFC fighters — like Ronda Rousey — can’t hack WWE’s rigorous road schedule

Seth Rollins on Ronda Rousey and UFC fighters

Seth Rollins doesn’t think UFC fighters could handle the rigorous travel schedule required to become a bonafide WWE Superstar.

Last year, UFC’s parent company — TKO Group — announced a blockbuster deal to acquire World Wrestling Entertainment, bringing the two entities under one umbrella. Following the news, rumors immediately began to fly about potential crossovers between the two beloved brands. Asked about their universes potentially merging like something out of a Marvel movie, Rollins was quick to suggest that UFC fighters would struggle with the hectic work schedule of a WWE Superstar.

Rolling specifically referenced former UFC women’s world champion Ronda Rousey who walked away from the WWE in October nearly two years removed from her return at the 2022 Royal Rumble.

“I don’t want to knock Ronda Rousey because I love Ronda,” Rollins told ESPN’s Marc Raimondi. “She did a lot for our industry, for women in our industry, and the fight industry in general, but it was tough for Ronda. She tried her damnedest and it was hard for her.

“But I don’t know, I’d love for somebody to come over and take a crack if you think you can hang. But it’s hard.”

While it is true that professional fighters typically train year-round, they may only step inside the Octagon 2-3 times per year whereas a WWE Superstar will wrestle in front of a live crowd more than 100 times over a 365 day period. fighters also get the privilege of staying and training in one spot whereas wrestlers are required to be on the road 3-4 days per week, traveling cross country and oftentimes overseas.

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And don’t even get Rollins started on all the media obligations that come with being a WWE Superstar.

“They don’t have the stamina for it,” Rollins said. “They don’t fight every single weekend. This championship goes everywhere. It goes everywhere. It goes to like Biloxi, [Miss.]. And especially the top stars over there, they’re catered to a certain way, and that’s great. That’s their style. That’s what works for them. You fight maybe once, twice a year. You’re crazy, you’re fighting three times a year.

“But to fight over 100 times a year, make all those towns, still be able to train, still be able to do all the media, it’s an exhausting industry.”

Seth Rollins throws shade at CM Punk’s UFC Run

Rollins made it clear that he has the utmost respect for professional fighters, admitting that he’d probably get smoked stepping into the cage with any one of them, though he’d still probably fare better than Chi-Town’s favorite Second City Saint did in his brief UFC run.

“I call them all out. I don’t care. Try it out,” Rollins said. “I can’t do what they do. I’d go in there and get knocked out and choked out in two seconds. I’d probably do better than [CM] Punk, but I still would lose most likely.

“They can’t come and do what we do either. They’re the same umbrella but two totally different worlds.”

After cutting his teeth in indie promotions like SCW Pro, NWA No Limits, and IWA Mid-South, Rollins — known as Tyler Black back then — has emerged as one of the biggest names in all of sports entertainment. Currently, he is closing in on a year as the promotion’s World Heavyweight Champion and is expected to play a pivotal role in this year’s 40th edition of WrestleMania.