UFC 152 Pre-Fight Press Conference Video Highlights

Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson will compete for first ever Flyweight championship title at UFC 152 in the card’s main event. Benavidez and Johnson earned their spots in the inaugural flyweight title fight by defeating Yasuhiro Urushitani and Ian McCall in their respective semifinal matchups.
Additionally, this event will mark B.J. Penn’s return to the Octagon, as he faces Rory MacDonald. In the Middleweight division Michael Bisping will take on Brian Stann. A Light Heavyweight bout between

Vinny Magalhaes guarantees a submission victory for Chael Sonnen against Anderson Silva

Vinny Magalhães has been helping Chael Sonnen on his jujitsu techniques prior to Sonnen’s rematch against Anderson Silva at UFC 148 which takes place on July 7, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Magalhães believes Sonnen will submit Silva in the fight. In an interview with Ariel Helwani, the former M-1 champion said: “I am guaranteeing a submission. Chael is going to do what he did in their first fight, but this time he is going to finish.”The ever-outspoken Sonnen has in the past,openly made fun of

The Greatest Champions of the Sport.

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has seen many great fighters and champions come and go, but only a few have cemented a legacy for the ages. I have selected five fighters, from their own respective divisions, that have not only claimed a title but shaped the sport as well. I did not add the Featherweight or the Bantamweight divisions due to the fact that most casual fans are not aware of their existence, and the divisions are relativity new compared to the five major weight divisions.

Lyoto never faced someone like Quinton

Thats the sentence that started a long interview with Waldomiro Junior, one of the more important names on the BJJ panorama. Hailing from S.Paulo (Brazil), Waldomiro has trained “Rampage” for six years, including the Season 10 Ultimate Fighter were he was one of Quintons coaches against Rashad. The long duration of this “partnership” helps in preparation for the fights since the knowledge he has of Quinton makes the training a lot easier: he knows what works for Quinton and what doesnt.
For the fight

UFC 118: What’s next?

After every UFC event, each participant on the card will have repositioned himself within the ranks of the organizations, some through victory and others by defeat. UFC 118 was no different, as the victorious fighters moved up the ladder, while in defeat, others slid back down. Examining the ten fighters of the main card, along with one undercard fighter whose effort cannot be ignored, it