Sean Strickland rips ‘Weak man’ Paulo Costa with UFC 302 fight in jeopardy: ‘I thought you would man up’

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Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has taken aim at Paulo Costa as he claims the Brazilian has yet to sign his contract for their UFC 302 fight.

Strickland and Costa are set to serve in a five-round co-main event fight at UFC 302 on June 1 in Newark, New Jersey in a highly-anticipated bout. It’s an intriguing scrap and a crucial one for the division, but taking to social media, Sean Strickland claimed Costa may be out of the fight.

“Goddamn, Costa. I’ve heard you’ve yet to sign that contract,” Strickland said. “I’ll tell you what, man. I didn’t f*cking believe it. I did not think you’d react like a coward. I thought you would man up, sack up. Instead, you’re acting like you’ve got f*cking ovaries. I went onto Google. I did the right things, gave you the benefit of the doubt. I went onto Google and I noticed something, man. After you fought Izzy, you went downhill. You went on that f*cking deep end, my man. I don’t know what f*cking happened in that little f*cking pea brain you have.

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“Do we need to get someone for you to talk to, my man? Do we need to sit you down and have you talk about your f*cking feelings? I think therapy is for weak men. Let me tell you something, dude. You’re being a weak f*cking man. If you can’t sack up and make this sh*t happen, we’ll get someone for you to talk to. Don’t disappoint me. Don’t disappoint the fans. Let me make you f*cking bleed,” Strickland continued.

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The UFC still has the fight on their schedule for UFC 302, but after Strickland’s comments, fans are now worried that the fight might be off.

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Paulo Costa responds to Sean Strickland’s claims

After Sean Strickland’s comments, Paulo Costa took to social media to respond to the former champ.

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Costa tweeted out a graphic of a signed contract so fans are hoping that means the Brazilian will indeed sign the contract and the fight remains on.