Sean Strickland clarifies comments ahead of interview drop: ‘Ronda Rousey is everything that’s wrong with the world’

Sean Strickland, Ronda Rousey

Sean Strickland is not a fan of Ronda Rousey based on the clarification he provided.

The top-ranked middleweight contender was last seen in action against Alex Pereira in July for the International Fight Week card of UFC 276. Pereira managed to finish Strickland in the opening round with his signature left hook. The knockout victory earned ‘Poatan’ a title shot against the reigning 185-pound champion Israel Adesanya for UFC 281 next month.

Strickland recently wrapped up an interview with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and stated that he was ‘not stable enough to speak’ after the conversation.

Sean Strickland clarifies comments ahead of interview drop: ‘Ronda Rousey is everything that’s wrong with the world’

While he did not expand further on his cryptic message earlier, Sean Strickland took to his Instagram to add some context behind his statements. He fired shots at former UFC champion Ronda Rousey, claiming she represented everything that was wrong with the world.

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“I hate podcasts because as I start talking, I get angry, my f**king filter drops, and I say s**t that is taken out of context. I explain why I hate Ronda Rousey, why I think she’s everything that’s wrong with the f**king world,” said Strickland. “After a loss, she went on Ellen and she said that she was in the back room, the medical room after she fought and for a moment, she thought about killing herself.

“Then she looked at her man Travis Browne and thought I need to have babies with this man, I need to stay alive. It was on the news it was f**king everywhere.”

He further reiterated his stance arguing Rousey had not overcome a challenge, contrary to what she tried to present.

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“I hate Ronda Rousey because she used something so f***ed up and serious as a, ‘But I overcame it’ strong moment. Which it’s f***ing not.”

Strickland is set to take on former title challenger Jared Cannonier in the headlining bout of UFC Fight Night 216 on Dec. 17.