Sean Strickland challenges Dale Brown from D.U.S.T to a fight in the desert: “You’re a fraud, a phony, a con artist.”

Sean Strickland, Dale Brown, Chris Curtis
Credit: MMA FIghting, ESPN, Cageside Press

Sean Strickland has recently offered to fight internet sensation Commander Dale Brown from Detroit Urban and Survival Training. In the UFC, Dale from D.U.S.T was last seen cornering Joaquin Buckley for his fight vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan at UFC Vegas 48.

There has been much speculation as to whether Brown is a legitimate self-defense expert or just an internet troll.

If it weren’t apparent before, Strickland’s love for fighting is unparalleled. As if two main event headliners in a row for Strickland weren’t enough, Sean has now extended a lucrative offer to Dale to fight him. Via Alex Behunin on Twitter, Sean offered Dale:

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“I will buy your plane ticket; I will put you in whatever hotel you want. I will take two-hundred thousand dollars in cash and put it in the sand, and you can have that money. All you have to do is beat me, just say when man. I promise we will do this whenever you want. The problem is you’re a fraud, you’re a phony, you’re a con artist…”

Recently, videos have emerged on the internet of Strickland and Dale meeting, where they get into a light scuffle. Dale, getting his fame from the internet and TikTok, seems keen to accept Strickland’s proposal.

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Chris Curtis Sides with Sean Strickland, Calls for Dale to accept the Fight

UFC Welterweight and Strickland’s teammate Chris Curtis added his input to the situation via Twitter. Curtis believes “the challenge must be met”.

Will the time finally come that we get to see if Commander Dale Brown is legitimate? None other than Sean Strickland will hopefully be the one to find out.

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