Sean Strickland accepts David Goggins’ ‘Hell Week’ challenge after pummeling Navy SEAL in sparring session

Sean Strickland accepts David Goggins' 'Hell Week' challenge after pummeling U.S. Navy SEAL in sparring session

Sean Strickland has accepted David Goggins‘ challenge.

The unexpected rivalry between Strickland and the former U.S. Navy SEAL has seemingly reached a boiling point. It all started when the ‘Tarzan’ issued a challenge to Goggings, inviting him to Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for a 15-minute sparring session.

Sean Strickland

Goggins decided to one-up the ex-UFC champ, challenging Strickland to go through his infamous “Hell Week” training camp that had Tony Ferguson vomiting regularly.

“This is your opportunity to show that world that you can f*ck me up,” Goggins said in a video message.

“I will have camera crews out there. You make sure you bring your f*cking camera crew out there because you’re going to want to get this on camera. A 49-year-old broke down knee, f*cked up body guy is gonna put you through a camp that you think you can f*ck me up in. This is your opportunity, Strickland. I haven’t forgotten about your video. I hope to see you there also.”

David Goggins

Sean Strickland accepts Goggins’ challenge

It didn’t take long for Sean Strickland to snap back at Goggins, accepting the challenge and offering a word of warning.

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“Goggins, I heard you want a piece,” Strickland said. “Challenge accepted. Just so you know man, the only thing you beat me at in life is f*cking running. But guess what, I don’t have to f*cking run. You run for me.”

Goggins’ challenge comes not long after Strickland released footage online of him pummeling a Navy SEAL during a five-round sparring session.

Sean Strickland

Before that, ‘Tarzan’ made some disparaging remarks about the Navy’s primary special operations force, suggesting that not a single member of the elite unit would be able to hang with him in the gym.

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After spending 20 years of his life serving his country, Goggins is now best known for his accomplishments as an ultramarathon runner.