UFC Veteran Rosi Sexton Supports Transgender Athletes in MMA

Rosi Sexton

Rosi Sexton was once completely opposed to the idea of allowing transgender athletes to fight in MMA, but she has taken a different position now after seven years away from the sport.

Sexton is regarded to be one of the pioneers in women’s MMA after a long career in the UFC, CageWarriors, and Bellator. She competed against the best of the best in the sport including Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade.

The conversation regarding transgender athletes competing in combat sports has picked up over the past few months after former transgender athlete Fallon Fox went after Joe Rogan during the promotion of their upcoming Biopic. Sexton recently wrote an op-ed on SB Nation on the topic and alluded to her own personal experiences with the issue.

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“When people ask me why trans rights are something I care about, I tell them the truth,” Sexton said in an article posted to SB Nation’s Outsports. “I want to support my trans friends who are too often on the receiving end of some awful discrimination, abuse, and harassment.”

“Whenever I stand up for trans-inclusive policies, I get a barrage of similar abuse hurled my way, allegations that I support abuse of women, of children, that I’m stupid and don’t understand biology, that I’m on the side of deluded or predatory men. It can become overwhelming.”

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Back in 2013, Sexton had said in a blog post that she was disappointed with Fox not publically announcing their gender identity during their combat sports career and that it was unfair for their opponents in MMA.

Sexton and Fox had a recent conversation about the issue of transgenderism that Sexton alluded to as “uncomfortable”. But, it appears that Sexton has changed sides on the issue and is happy to help the transgender community in any way she can.

What are your thoughts on Fallon Fox, Rosi Sexton, and transgenders in MMA?