Rose Namajunas Outpoints Jessica Andrade In Back-And-Forth Fight – UFC 251 Results

Namajunas Andrade

Next up on the UFC 251 main card is a rematch between women’s strawweight champions Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas.

Round 1: Andrade throws leg kicks. Namajunas is keeping her distance and jabbing. Andrade with a lot of head movement early on. This is similar to the first fight but Andrade is landing a lot more now. Namajunas lands a leg kick. She lands another after Andrade charges at her. A pretty even fight with maybe Namajunas having the edge so far.

Round 2: Andrade continues to use more head movement. Namajunas uses her jab. She lands a few stinging jabs and straight right hands. They are swinging more now. Namajunas lands a nice 1-2. Andrade clinches but to no avail. Andrade seems to have hurt Namajunas as she charges to end the round. Probably another round for Namajunas.

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Round 3: More of the same to start the third. Andrade has hurt Namajunas a lot this round. Namajunas is bleeding. Andrade stings Namajunas again and throws her down. She isn’t able to do much and they get up. Namajunas lands a big 1-2. Andrade returns with a stinging strike. Andrade is connecting more now in this third round. She is likely looking for the finish as she believes she is down two rounds. Andrade charges her down. Namajunas is fading a bit but she’s still in the fight. Namajunas lands a well-timed takedown but Andrade reverses and gets up right away. Andrade lands a huge uppercut. The fight comes to an end.

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Official result: Rose Namajunas defeats Jessica Andrade via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).