Ex-UFC commentator blasts Ronda Rousey amid criticizm of media: ‘The people behind the scenes can’t stand you’

Impossible for Ronda Rousey to grow as fighter during UFC career Dana White

Former UFC commentator Jimmy Smith has taken a shot at Ronda Rousey.

Rousey recently came out and said she lost to Holly Holm due to her having concussions in the lead-up to the fight. She also took shots at Joe Rogan and other media members calling them a “bunch of assholes” as they didn’t support her during her lowest moments.

Ronda Rousey not interested in fighting Miesha Tate at UFC 300 plans to have another child
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Now, speaking on Unlocking the Cage with Jimmy Smith, the former UFC commentator took aim at Rousey for those comments.

“I’ve never been a religious person,” Smith began (via MMAMania). “One thing that’s always said about God, he gets all the credit, none of the blame. That’s what Ronda Rousey wants: all the credit, none of the blame. I want credit for all my wins; my losses I had CTE and I had this and I had that. ‘I’m the greatest to ever do it,’ but when it didn’t work, it was so and so and never me. She never gives credit to the people who actually beat her. The idea that ‘I left MMA and went to the WWE cause I had concussion problems’ makes no sense!”

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Ronda Rousey reveals concussion secret let to her exit from the UFC that's why I had to retire
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“The people behind the scenes: camera people, audio people, the people you can push around, and the people you can bully, and the people you can talk down to —Can’t stand your f—king ass. Everybody behind the scenes that had to put a mic on Ronda Rousey couldn’t stand her. I said why? They said ‘She was a b—ch to us from the moment she sat down, to the moment she got up,'” Smith continued.

“Like it’s our fault that she has to do this interview to hype her next fight and she’s just miserable, and she’s mean to us, and we can’t stand her. They were cheering when she got knocked out … Those are the people you can be mean to and rude to, and they can’t fight back. Those people couldn’t stand Ronda Rousey, so don’t sit here and tell me that you’re the victim. When the poor guy sitting behind the camera is doing his job, gets s—t on by you or you’re mean to the person asking you questions when we’re hyping your fight, don’t give me this victim s—t,” Smith concluded.

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Ronda Rousey reveals jab strikes were leaving her concussed throughout UFC run I was seeing stars
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It was harsh words from Jimmy Smith to Ronda Rousey as the former UFC commentator was not happy with the former UFC champ’s past comments.

Currently, Ronda Rousey has not responded to Smith’s comments.

Ronda Rousey retired from UFC, WWE due to concussions

Ronda Rousey has since retired from WWE and UFC due to concussion issues.

After her UFC tenure ended, Rousey turned to professional wrestling. However, she has since retired from WWE due to lingering concussion issues.