Ronda Rousey Joins ‘The Rock’ At WrestleMania To Throw ‘Triple H,’ Dana White Approves

ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey has quickly become the biggest crossover star mixed martial arts (MMA) has ever seen. With numerous roles in big-budget films, she’s taken over the silver screen in a shockingly quick amount of time considering her status as the most dominant fighter in the young history of the sport.

But tonight (Sun., March 29, 2015) she appeared in the kind of crossover media that you wouldn’t exactly expect from a UFC champion.

The dominant “Rowdy” surprisingly showed up for an extended segment during WWE’s WrestleMania XXXI from California after having been beckoned to the ring by her Furious 7 co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here is a photo of the duo courtesy of The SportsPics:

The story went that “The Rock” wouldn’t hit a woman after having been slapped by WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, but he would enlist longtime pro wrestling fan Rousey to do so. She then came out to throw McMahon’s husband, former multi-time WWE champion Paul Levesque, who is better known as “Triple H,” with her trademark judo.

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Rousey also engaged in an intense staredowns with WWE’s leading lady, and ended up putting her into some kind of shoulder lock to send her screaming away and give Rousey and “The Rock” the clean sweep over the McMahon family. Check it out courtesy of MMA-Core:

It was a shocking performance that you certainly wouldn’t expect UFC President Dana White to approve, and indeed the Octagon exec tweeted out what seemed like a concerned message. But then he sent out a later tweet that suggested he was watching Rousey do well at WrestleMania:

The UFC’s leading lady has made her presence felt in professional wrestling, joining Phillip “CM Punk” Brooks as the latest star to blur the lines between the two sports. Is this something you want to see from MMA fighters?