Ronda Rousey Hangs Up Phone When Asked About Travis Browne

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UFC women’s bantamweight champion and heavyweight slugger Travis Browne have stayed pretty tight lipped when it comes to the subject of their relationship, The two were rumoured to be dating while ‘Hapa’ was under investigation for domestic violence allegations by his estranged spouse Jenna Renee, and it was later confirmed once Browne was found innocent of the accusations.

Both Browne and ‘Rowdy’ have publicly state they don’t want their relationship being scrutinized by the media, which they are well within their rights to do. Unfortunately for both of them, athletes or celebrities in the limelight are bound to be asked these sorts of questions, whether they request against it or not. For Rousey, it sounds as though Marc Raimondi from may have crossed the line at the beginning of the recent UFC 193 media conference call.

Our good friends at Submission RadioAustralia’s premier MMA radio show and content creators, caught the audio clip or Rousey dead lining the question about her relationship with ‘Hapa’:

Co-incidence? Maybe, but it’s also rather likely that the undisputed queen of the 135-pounders was not in the mood for fielding love life-related questions. Is she acting maturely here? Well no-one is expected to not exercise their rights as a law abiding citizen, but also if she did hang up the phone, that’s a pretty childish way of dealing with things.

Stay tuned to LowKickMMA, as we have the full video of the press call coming out later today!

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