UFC 204 went down in a blaze of excitement last night (Saturday October 8). Headlining the Manchester pay-per-view were fierce rivals Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. After ‘Hendo’ scored an iconic KO over Bisping at UFC 100, ‘The Count’ ignored rankings in favor of revenge on home soil. Following five hard rounds, Bisping got what he wanted in the form of a decision win. The UD has been debated though, as some fans feel Henderson had done enough to win.

Scoring knockdowns in the first and second round, Henderson showed age is but a number. Rocking Bisping with his patented right hand, Henderson came within a hair’s breadth of taking the belt. Had he done so, the former two-weight Pride FC champ would have broken a myriad of records. Hats off to both warriors for such a thrilling fight. Looking at the strike stats, Bisping certainly got off the bigger volume of punches. Check them out for yourself:


UFC 204 Strike Stats

Aside from round one, Michael Bisping clearly out-landed Dan Henderson. The question of knockdowns and power over total numbers of strikes landed is once again raised. Were Henderson’s two ‘H-Bomb’ knockdowns worthy of the 10-8 round that rarely gets scored in MMA? The judging patterns in the UFC are highly debated, and most feel they are in need of an overhaul. Here’s a look at the round-by-round strike stats of Bisping vs. Henderson at UFC 204:


Now For The Scorecards

Now we’ve established Michael Bisping landed more punches in more rounds, let’s take a look at the judges scorecards for the UFC 204 main event. Courtesy of MMAFighting.com, here are the official judging sheets from Bisping vs. Henderson 2. The score cards show two rendering 48-47, and one judge calling it 49-46. What are your thoughts on the main event result, and how the judges scored the fight?