Report: Alistair Overeem Left Blackzilians After Injuring Teammate

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion and current UFC contender Alistair Oveerem joined Jackson’s MMA recently after being released by the notorious Blackzilians camp in Florida.

The change of camps was Overeem’s third switch in two years after previously leaving Golden Glory to move to the Blackzilians and according to one of the gyms youngest prospects, Gilbert Burns, he will be far from missed.

The young Brazilian fighter was interviewed on the Sexto Round broadcast recently where he spoke about “The Reem’s” move. Burns revealed the entire camp is much better after the Dutchman’s departure and said the reason Overeem left was because he injured a teammate after becoming frustrated:

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“There’s a story that fighters kept in the gym,” Burns said via MMA Underground. “Guto was recovering from a knee injury, returning to training, and, even with a broken hand, he was beating Overeem up in a striking sparring.

Overeem got mad because he was getting beat up by a guy with one hand, so he took Guto down and blew out his other knee. That’s why Guto hasn’t fought in a while. We were all upset about it, and that was when (Overeem) left the team. After he left, the team got better and we had better results. Thank God he left the team.”

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Overeem last fought in February at UFC 169 where he picked up a unanimous decision after a fairly lacklustre fight with former heavyweight champion Frank Mir. The win was crucial for the 33-year old after dropping back-to-back fights to Travis Browne and Antonio Silva; getting knocked out in both appearances.

According to Burns, the Octagon isn’t the only place Overeem has took a beating in recently. Apparently the “arrogant” heavyweight got beat up badly in training by the likes of Anthony Johnson, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and Tyrone Sprong.

“He’s an arrogant man. He’s exactly how he looks to be. One thing is getting in the gym and talking to me or a younger guy, but another thing is go there and not talk to Rashad, Vitor, Tyrone Spong, coach Henri (Rooft).

“He’s cocky, and the team got better when he left. He’s really tough, but he’s not that monster that he appears to be. I saw him get beat up bad in training by Anthony Johnson, Rashad, Vitor and Tyrone.”

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Hopefully, Overeem can keep himself out of trouble at Jackson’s MMA but I wouldn’t hold my breath.