It looks like Conor McGregor may become even more mainstream next year…

After his riveting UFC 205 performance, record-breaking champion Conor McGregor left no doubt as to who the biggest MMA star is. Decisively finishing Alvarez to win a promotional-first two-weight simultaneous title, ‘The Notorious’ soon announced he’d be defending both belts. Unfortunately for the Irish star, the UFC soon put the brakes on that plan. As UFC 206 began to fall apart, an interim title was made for Holloway vs. Pettis, and so McGregor was ‘forced to vacate’ his 145-pound strap.

Although he recently stated he ‘had not been stripped,’ Jose Aldo‘s promotion to full champion by the UFC would indicate the opposite. Either way, McGregor is now absent for six months, but the 155-pound belt remains intact. In terms of what’s next for McGregor, even UFC president Dana White admits he ‘doesn’t have a clue.’ Rumours of a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather have recently been rekindled, as the Irishman who was unknown three years ago now dominates the headlines daily.


Sword Play?

‘The Notorious’ lives up to his moniker in the land of unarmed combat, but numerous reports now indicate the Irish boxer could be holding a sword in his latest venture. After making an appearance in the latest ‘Call of Duty’ video game instalment, McGregor is reportedly looking to continue his conquests outside the octagon. According to, ‘The Notorious’ will be featured in the final two seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

In a report from the Sunday Life, a newspaper in Belfast, Ireland, Conor McGregor will appear, at some point, in the final two seasons of Game Of Thrones. While there is no details on who he could be playing, the paper’s sources state that McGregor has already filmed his scene(s).


McGregor vs. The Mountain 2?

Having already engaged in ‘bareknuckle’ sparring with ‘GOT’ star Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain) could an on-screen rematch be in the making? Stay tuned for updates on this and more MMA news hot off the press here at LowKickMMA!