Report: Australian Woman Posts Evidence Of Alleged Physical Abuse From Anthony Johnson


With a controversial anti-domestic violence protest that now includes animal cruelty about to go down against light heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at tonight’s (Sat., September 5, 2015) UFC 191 from Las Vegas, some potentially disturbing alleged evidence against the Blackzilians-based bruiser may add more fuel to the building fire.

According to a report posted on Youtube by Ted Czech, an Australian woman named Belinda, who supposedly gave birth to two children fathered by Johnson, has accused ‘Rumble’ of beating her and also his dogs, providing photos of the damage done to her along with allegedly incriminating text messages that told her it was ‘her fault she fell down’ because he ‘didn’t even slap her that hard.’

The woman is supposedly headed toto participate in the protest this evening. Overall, it’s yet another disturbing finding in the unfortunate saga of ‘Rumble,’ who previously plead no contest to a domestic violence charge earlier in his career and was recently arrested but not convicted on another charge, which resulted in a suspension from the UFC.

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He also created a media windfall when he posted a bizarre, aggressive rant on Facebook directed at a woman from whom he supposedly pulled a yoga mat out underneath of at his gym. After a UFC investigation that ultimately absolved him of any wrongdoing and kept him in his fight with Jimi Manuwa after he apologized and agreed to go to counseling.

As for the alleged abuse against dogs, which surfaced after a photo was released of one of his puppies with cropped ears, ‘Rumble’ told MMA Fighting that he has nothing to hide in that regard, and his dogs are well-loved and taken care of:

“My dogs are well liked and well loved,” Johnson said. “I take my dogs everywhere. Somebody put I’m manipulating my dogs. Dude, I cropped his ears. I’m not beating the dog, I’m not starving the dog to death. Nothing like that. I definitely laugh at things like that, because everybody that knows me — even if you don’t know me and look at my Instagram, look at my Facebook and stuff — you can tell I love my dogs.”

The embattled but effective fighter insisted that he simply isn’t the monster he’s made out to be in the media, something that will most likely be heavily scrutinized in the coming months as accusers begin to mount and negative attention builds. ‘Rumble’ believes he’s unjustly being targeted because of who he is and his reputation:

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“I’m not what the media tries to make me out to be, but I am who I am. That whole kennel thing, that’s not even my dog and people want to make it sound like it’s my dog. But I do crop my dog’s ears. At the same time, they want to talk about dogs with cropped ears, they need to go after everybody. They’re just trying to target me just because.”

It’s important to note that ‘Rumble’ has not been convicted of any new charges, so technically he’s innocent until proven guilty. This could all be a witch hunt directed at a fighter who’s recently risen up to new heights in his fighting career. But with a growing list of female accusers and the wellbeing of innocent animals now coming into play, many are going to start believing if there’s smoke, there’s probably a fire close by.

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There’s a protest specifically set to take place against him, and the photos shown above are less than encouraging for the situation, to say the least. The UFC has no choice but to tiptoe around the issue of domestic violence after HBO’s damaging ‘Real Sports’ story, but they’ve chosen to do anything but in the cases of ‘Rumble’ and Travis Browne despite their so-called ‘no tolerance policy on DV.

Will this latest bit of disturbing potential evidence prompt them to take action against their oft-accused fighter? Do they have any choice? Or will he be cleared yet again?