Quote: Ronda Got Demolished By Holm, She Might Not Be The Same

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Having faced and been finished by Ronda Rousey twice, current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate was unlikely to be paired with anyone else next. Even with Holly Holm holding the victory over ‘Rowdy,’ there just isn’t anyone else at 135 right now that could fill the spot. Check out Holm discussing Ronda Rousey via MMAFighting.com:

“What about Ronda’s mentality?” Tate said. “I think Ronda is beating herself up over this. I mean, she previously said that she’s so emotional to the point where she’s considering crazy things. It’s like, this is a broken woman. I don’t know if she’ll ever come back the same. But I have proven that I can come back from adversity and I do come back and I will come back. And there’s no one in this sport that can break me. I have the strongest mindset of anybody in there. I don’t know where Ronda is with her mindset, but I have to wonder. Is she ever going to come back the same?”

“I just saw how Ronda got demolished with clean striking [against Holm],” Tate said. “I think that I’ve improved so much and I’ve showed that in this fight with Holly.”

“Look at how much my striking improved,” Tate said. “From that fight that I fought Ronda, I still had really wild, kind of flinging hooks. I let Ronda come right into that clinch. [I was punching] so wide and open and nothing down in the middle.”

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