Quote: Ronda Got Demolished By Holm, She Might Not Be The Same

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For a while there it looked like Ronda Rousey might never be stopped, but things can change after you get kicked in the face…

Before UFC 193 there were very few people that believed Ronda Rousey would suffer the brutal defeat she eventually faced. Holly Holm was without doubt a huge underdog, going up against the most dominant reigning champion in women’s history. As it turned out, the history books and betting lines had little influence on the fight, evident when ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ planted a perfectly placed kick along the jaw line of ‘Rowdy.’

Ronda Rousey

The fight was over, as was the storm of hype that surrounded Rousey, but it was replaced by a different kind of media attention. Social media exploded in a vicious backlash toward the UFC and Rousey, with memes and videos depicting the demise of the now former champion making the rounds still to this day. Rousey went in to hiding, then came back out and revealed she’d thought about suicide, leading to more criticism from the MMA community. Then she declined to discuss fighting in interviews, before being revealed as the next contender to the title. It just never stops.


With Miesha Tate snatching the belt from Holm at UFC 196, we now face a rock paper scissors scenario in the women’s bantamweight category. The belt could quite possibly be passed around from fight to fight now, but the bizarre recent statement from Rousey on when she got the news about the Tate vs. Holm result raises some interesting questions. What was she doing at the moment Tate took the belt from Holm? Watching wrestling. Is ‘Rowdy’ really motivated to fight?

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