UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ room mate and UFC welterweight Colby Covington makes a rather startling disclosure…..

It wasn’t that long ago that a fresh-faced Jon Jones was allegedly chasing down a robber, and retrieving a purse that the felon had snatched from an unsuspecting woman. It was right before “Bones” went and snatched the UFC light-heavyweight title from Shogun Rua (co-incidental?), and there was a photo opportunity to boot.

Fast forward to present day, and JJ is the biggest active heel in the sport. A DUI in 2012 pretty much ended the champion’s Christian goody two shoes image, and he has since settled in to the role of social media trolling bad guy. Fair play in the respect of earning PPV buys, but it turns out that Jones’ old room mate has a few odd stories about the champ while he was at college.

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Check out what was said to FOX Sports:

“We got into a lot of trouble,” Covington said. “When you’re in a small town in Iowa, a lot of kids are farm kids and they always wanted to start some stuff with the wrestlers and I was a national champ in college and Jon was a national champ, so they’d always try to pick fights at our house parties and stuff. We would just clear out the place of a bunch of townies.”

“Especially Jon — he’d be throwing people through windows and stuff. It was nuts.  He has a bad temper, when he gets mad — he gets mad.”

Now I’m not going to say that everybody doesn’t act a little wild at that age, but throwing people through windows? It looks like there is a now just the dark side to Jon Jones.

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