Derrick Lewis could be the easiest opponent for Daniel Cormier in his next fight, according to one former UFC star. Cormier slated to defend his heavyweight title against the hard-hitting heavyweight star in the headliner of UFC 230.

This quote comes from Ryan Bader, who not only is the Bellator light heavyweight champion but also going for a second title. He is competing in the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix to crown a new champion.

Bader went on record by stating in a recent interview that although he’s a fan of Lewis because of his personality, he doesn’t see this being a competitive fight.

“I think Derrick Lewis is funny, the whole deal, I like his personality. I like his post-fight speeches and all that kind of stuff,” Bader told MMAjunkie Radio. “But I really think this could be Cormier’s easiest fight in a long, long time.”

Instead, he sees DC going out and wrestling Lewis. This should be the sealer for how this fight plays out inside of the Octagon.

“I see Cormier going out there, jabbing him in the face a few times, hitting the outside single. Putting Derrick on his butt and it’s going to be game over, pretty much.”

Bader speculated this was the reason Cormier took this fight even though he is still injured from his UFC 226 win over former champ Stipe Miocic:

“That’s why we saw Cormier take this fight. Even though he’s got a hurt hand, even though it’s a month away. He’s like, ‘Wait, I get to go out there, put my heavyweight title on the line. Fight a guy who just said that he doesn’t even deserve to be in a title fight?”

At the end of the day, Bader predicts that Cormier will use his cardio as an advantage in the fight and run away with it.

“That he’s tired and can’t go five rounds? Of course Cormier’s going to do that. I actually think Cormier’s going to run away with that, for sure.”